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Getting Started

Set up UpStamps in your app

This section guides you through some important details on how to use and integrate UpStamps.

Settings and parameters

Throughout this documentation you will be asked for some configurations in the various integrations. These parameters can be easily found on the UpStamps Dashboard. Below is an explanation of some parameters to take better advantage of UpStamps.

  • clientId: Identifying yourself as a user is important to manage and receive the content you defined on the UpStamps dashboard.
  • projectKey: You can organize your Feature Flags or other features by Project, this allows you to have Feature Flags in different projects at the same time.
  • envKey: Organize your Feature Flags by different environments, for example Production, Development, QA, Staging and Canary. Each project can have multiple environments.


The simplest way to get started with UpStamps is by using the easy-to-use libraries with pre-built components. If you're an advanced user who would like to configure UpStamps from scratch, head on over to API Reference to use the Rest API endpoints.