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What is UpStamps?

Use UpStamps Feature Flag Management Platform to separate code from different environments and projects. Manage every feature with a central visibility and control user interface. Ship faster with less risk with a simple interface for creating flags with support for different plug-a-play SDKs for your projects.


  • Create Projects

    • Integrate different Feature Flags across multiple projects and manage across web, mobile, and server-side applications.
  • Organize by Environments

    • Separate features deployment across different environments and control their feature lifecycles.
  • Easily Deploy with Feature & Remote Flags

    • Use flags to test faster in Production, eliminating the risk by maintaining control of the deployments. Use Remote Flags to change real-time behavior of features through response data.
  • Run A/B Testss

    • Use A/B Tests to randomized experiments with two variants and compare with the users response. Decide by your users feedback which variant is more effective to launch.
  • Target Specific Segments

    • Control who has access to new features with Segments and define Targets based on Users Device or Location.
  • Easy-to-use Integrations

    • Integrate into your projects with pre-built components and language SDKs;

Get started

Follow the quick start to start integrating feature flags in your projects.


The UpStamps docs are structured into the following sections.

  1. Introduction: Start here to learn about the documentation, components, API and how to use it.
  2. Getting Started: Learn how to get the most out of UpStamps features, how to install and use the built-in components.
  3. API Reference: Advanced UpStamps capabilities to cover all your needs.